Our products are your products. Take advantage of our processes and our know-how – together we develop the ideal product for your application.

Whether with your own materials or ours, our primary goal is to optimize your process, increase quality and minimize downtime.


The length of the roll, the type of edge, the function, the elasticity, the cutting width and much more play a role in the selection of the appropriate cutting process.

With our machines we are able to cut materials as wound fabric bales in slices or in the rewind cutting process layer by layer.

Cutting off

The simplest method is “cutting off”. In this case, the roll is cut from the fabric bale slice by slice.


Whether single or multi-colored, very precisely in the middle of the tape or endlessly over the entire surface. By printing on textiles, you can give your product an individual touch and offer your customers a very special design. Even the short-term dyeing of entire fabrics exactly according to your specifications (Pantone, RAL, CMYK…) becomes possible.


Whether it’s for a clean finish or to significantly speed up the production process at your facility. Having tapes prefolded can be worthwhile!

If you are thinking about this product, we will be happy to advise you on which folding and which make-up will be of most benefit to you. We would also be happy to do this during an appointment directly at your machine.

Here is a selection of different folding tapes:

Blende ohne Spalt


With a piping tape, a core is inserted into a tape and sewn. This core can be a cord, a chain, lead tapes or even other flat tapes. You determine the width, diameter and even elasticity.

Several of these pipings can also be sewn on top of each other to create two or more “heads”. These double or triple pipings can also combine different colors or qualities.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact us and we will create your product together with you.


Sometimes it is beneficial for you to use ready-sewn tapes. Here, according to your wishes, one or more seams are placed on different products and positions or various products are combined with each other.

Whether sewn and folded tapes as a beautiful accent on your product, carrying straps, ruffle tapes, handle tapes or entire borders for mattresses, by joining and prefabricating them in our company, you minimize the changeover and downtimes in your production.

To make it easy for you to discover a suitable product, we present some examples of sewn tapes in pictures.


Your tapes acquire a special function by applying a specific coating. If you wish, we can supply your tapes with, for example:

  • heat reactive adhesive
  • self-adhesive tape
  • reflective materials
  • fluorescent stripes

Laminating + Bonding

We are able to bond different material qualities or coat a material with foil exactly according to your needs.

We can bond your desired tapes, for example, with special fleece, iron-on reflective material or double-sided adhesive film and offer you the suitable adhesive type, depending on the application.

Packing + Wrapping

Just as important as the product is the way it is packaged and how it arrives at your premises. We do our best to make your process as smooth and efficient as possible by delivering our products the way you need them.
Here are just a few of the ways we can influence this:

  • cutting tapes to length (hot or cold)
  • winding on spools
  • winding tapes on themselves
  • types of wrapping and packaging
  • packaging ready for resale with your labels

Contract Manufacturing

You use our processes with your products.

It doesn’t matter whether you want us to inspect your fabrics, cut your textiles into tapes or if you want us to print, fold and sew your material.

You can enter the process with your own goods at any point, combine different processing methods and exit.

We are the extended workbench for you and are also happy to take over handling and logistics.

About us

In 1958, the families Krass and Wissing founded the company in the middle of a region called Münsterland.

Now in its third generation, Krass + Wissing has become a leading international company for cutted bindings and edging tapes.

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We find or design the ideal material for your product – individually adapted to your needs. Our unique product range has been developed in over 60 years of close cooperation with a wide range of industries.

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